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Situated in the extreme West of Bhutan, Paro is a prime tourist destination, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. Spread over a picturesque valley, Paro is one of the major districts in Bhutan and a town with immense historical importance. The town of Paro stands on the bank of Paro Chhu or Paro river, a tributary of the Raidak river or Wong Chhu, adding to its scenic beauty. God-gifted geographical location of Paro Valley makes it a very picturesque and romantic holiday destination. Paro is a verdant valley where you can see endless greeneries all around. The rural areas are almost forested and offer absolute tranquility that many people look for while choosing a holiday destination. If you are Nature lover, Paro will make you fall in love with her. If you are looking for short trip or a vacation at a place right in the lap of Mother Nature, Paro is your perfect choice. To get sunk in love with Paro, you should opt for the aerial route since the Paro Airport, the only international gateway to Bhutan looks stunning from the plane. You will feel like getting down slowly to the bottom of a bowl with high walls made of green mountains. Paro is fabulously rich, in terms of tourist attractions, but to enjoy vacation to the fullest, you should opt for exploring the district in your own way. There are plenty of interesting sites that you should visit in Paro but before getting out on a guided tour you may take a short walking trip through the roads that enjoy the company of the Paro Chhu. You may sit on the river bank for some time and stare at the bluish uneven lines of landscapes that form a wonderful backdrop for the serpentine river or opt for a trekking tour on the green mountain trails. Travelers could be categorized as beauty lovers and history lovers. There are lots of people who get attracted to places for their history, glorious pasts, monuments and structures that stand as specimens of the bygone era. If you fall in the second category, Paro will drag you through its ancient quarters, dark interiors of monasteries, temple complexes and other religious sites. Paro itself is a historic town ornamented with several historical buildings and sacred sites.

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  • Taktsang Monastery
  • National Museum of Bhutan
  • Drugyel Dzong